Contentment in Brighton is Easily Found — Second City Scenes

I recently watched an episode of Parts Unknown filmed in Miami with the late Anthony Bourdain where he asks Iggy Pop to describe his perfect day. He spoke about not being on a schedule and the sun appearing as a “hazy tropical orange orb”. Looking back to my first evening in Brighton these words resonated […]

via Contentment in Brighton is Easily Found — Second City Scenes

Published by rupertuqh79a

Studied Film & Television, TV & Video Production in Coventry. An experienced photographer, now concentrating in video and AV. I'm an individual who enjoys being smart/casual as well as a bit of formality, personally, I'm well organised, excellent presentation and communicative skills, along with a strong belief in a sensible approach to organisation. From a background career in Automotive engineering management, giving numerous presentations, training sessions and endless meetings, an appetite for inspiring people was born. Experienced photographer and a video cameraman. I'm always happy to to explore ideas, with a calm, friendly, but professional, reassuring approach. The idea is to collaborate, explore, to discuss and bring great ideas to fruition. I'm not one for the hard sell, I believe it can sometimes be a barrier to creativity and innovation. But, most clients realise the world isn't standing still, we all need to keep going, exploring new ideas. Rupert Wilkinson Trakamoor Features

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