Top 10 Points To Consider

Trakamoor Features

Top 10 points to consider for your video projects & events Some of the questions may not apply to your situation, but please give as much information as you can. It will help us appreciate your video needs and expectations.

Production questionaire

  1. What is the purpose of the video?
  2. What would you like the video to achieve?
  • Inform the public?
  • Staff Training?
  • Brand Awareness?
  • Product/Service launch?
  • Attract New Customers or Clients?
  1. Describe your target audience demographics (age, gender, location, etc.
  2. What action would you like the audience to take after the video?
  • Fill out an Order Form
  • Make a Phone Call
  • Visit your Website
  • Make a Purchase
  • Contact your Rep
  1. Where will the video be hosted?
  • Web
  • Social Network Sites
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Exhibition Shows
  • Your website video platform
  1. What is the video target length?
  2. What would be the style and format?
  • Documentary – Informative with voice-over narration
  • TV Magazine – Presenter provides information in different sections, lively and informal style.
  • News – Presenter provides varied topics a formal style
  • Product trailer – Short 1-2 minute pitch.
  • Customer testimonial
  • Corporate executive presentation
  1. Describe the overall tone of the video?
  • High energy/ Medium/Low Energy
  • Persuasive/ Informative
  1. What is the development timeline?
  2. What is your budget range?

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