How To Commission A Video Project

You may have a product or service to launch, one  that you have invested considerable time and energy and of course, money. Add to that your staff involvement, other partners or agencies, as launch day nears, naturally expectations and anticipation will begin rising.

Video projects (usually no more than 10 minutes) leading upto and incorporated into the ‘Launch Day’ gives you the oppertunity to have full control to manage, re-assure the expectations of your clients, customers and suppliers

When planning that all important project, you can expect to be asked a few questions about that project. The answers you provide will help us appreciate the feel and type of production value needed to create that perfect video production. This information will help develop an accurate quote for your project.

What Happens Next?

Once you have decided what your project might look like, a generalised outline of its content, its aims and its objectives etc. we can then begin producing a Written Treatment and Storyboard that suits your requirements for you to consider. We will also include a Programme Production Plan, this simply allows you to view at-a-glance all the planned video production aspects that are likely to go into the intended video project, such as: Dates; Location; Equipment; No. Of Filming Days required; Post-Production; Voice-Over Artist; Special Facilities and much more.

At this point – as the client, you are the pilot. You, the client will determine what direction, what look, shape and feel the video will take.This is the initial stage of take-off for the project and any suggested changes and alterations that you may have in mind and wish to make can be easily adjusted and incorporated into the potential project.

Once we have sufficient information about your intended project we can then produce and deliver the completed Treatment/Storyboard for you to consider.

Our flexible rates are tailored to small companies and organisations wishing to get noticed in a wider field.

You may have few questions you wish to ask or aspects about the project you want to discuss – corporate, or commercial feel free to ask. Working in collaboration with the client, our goal is to create the finest end result possible for you and your project.

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