Out and About

It never ceases… never ceases to amaze me when  i’m out and about with my mobile phone or pocket camera, on  holiday or at any place of interest… a snaphot here a photo there, no one takes a blind bit of notice.

Swap that pocket camera or mobile phone for anything that resembles an interchangable lens or a video camera? The whole thing becomes a different ball game. Everyone wants to get official with you. You may be scouting a location or you might be shooting cut-aways for a small film or video project or just taking stock photos, Some self-appointed jumped-up official  from nowhere will approach and jump on you to ask what you are doing.

Mostly it’s good humoured and done so out of curiosity. But thre’s always that one who will think you are there to film a feature without their permission…”Have you got a licence to film here”? “I’m not filming what you’re doing or filming your site” “Well you’re not allowed to film here!” It’s a issue that all film-makers and photographers are very familiar with, as with me at my local rubbish and re-cycling landfill site today.



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